Volunteering at the Orphans Rescue Home


Volunteering at the Orphans Rescue Home

The Orphans Rescue Home is welcoming of volunteers from across the globe. Volunteering at O.R.H is a extremely rewarding experience that will provide life long memories, providing volunteers an opportunity to give back to those in need 

How can you help out at ORH?
-Teaching English to the children
-Assisting the children with homework
-Spending time with the children
-Assistance with daily tasks/chores and maintenance of the property
-You may have a skill or hobby you wish to teach the children eg. Past
volunteers have taught the children instruments & capoeira
Volunteering at ORH is self directed, as volunteers are able to choose how they want to spend there time helping out and making a difference.

How do the children spend there time?
-All the younger children at ORH attend a local school. In India
school days are Monday-Saturday each week.
-The children all assist with some chores
-The children enjoy singing (they are always eager to learn new
songs), playing cards, drawing, volleyball, skipping, badminton and
Indian games.
-On Sundays the children enjoy going to the local beach for a long
swim in the ocean.

Volunteering at ORH
You don't need any prior experience, just a positive attitude.
Volunteers are welcome to stay for however long they wish to, there is
no minimum/maximum stay.

Facilities provided whilst volunteering

-Own private room with stretcher bed or sleeping mats and sheets
-Access to guest toilet and bathroom: western style toilet, cold water
shower (hot water bucket showers available)
-Three Indian home cooked meals a day
-Unlimited filtered safe drinking water
-Access to kitchen with gas stove top  is available if you wish to do
 your own cooking.
-Clothes washing facilities (manual facilities only, no machine wash)


What is it like volunteering at O.R.H?
" I volunteered at ORH in February 2011. It was a truly rewarding
experience. The kids were great fun, and I particularly enjoyed
spening Sunday's swimming at the beach with them. The dedication and
work that both jhansi and her family put into the running of ORH is
utterly inspiring."
Glenis Armstrong, Australia.


ORH do not benefit financially from volunteers.  We would charge the volunteers at $10 per day. Once can pay higher or little lesser according to their convenience. Money provided by
volunteers covers the cost of food, utilities electricity and accommodation

Getting to Orphans Rescue Home

-We are able to advise you on suitable buses/trains to get to nearby
Machilipatnam and assist in booking tickets if you require
-From Machilipatnam there is a regular bus to Pegadollem, if our
schedule  allows we will meet you in Machilipatnam to assist you in
reaching ORH.

Volunteers are able to receive yoga classes from a well trained and
experienced yoga guru at an additional cost.

How to volunteer?
Contact us via:

[email protected]


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