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 With over 3.5 acres of fertile land, ORH is on a prime location for such a home and has already proved itself a success story before luck played the noble Jhansi a hard hand. A women whom has dedicated the last 22 years of her life to making the home a comfortable and happy living environment for the many children that have came through her gates.

With many a success story, the home continue's to help as many needy children as possible, children who would otherwise fall by the wayside and could may well end up being condemned to a life as a poverty struck beggar, a life their parents unfortunately had to lead and a story India is far too familiar with.

Many of the Children have grown up, have University Degrees, well paid jobs, families and stable and comfortable living conditions. None of which would have been possible without ORH.

It isn't  often that you come across an organization where such enthusiasm and love still remains after 7 long, suffering years since disaster, 5 years since taking on any more kid's in need and many a sleep since the home shone as it once did. The hope is still very much alive. We need you to keep the torch burning!

Please visit our donations page to find out details on how to make a donation.

Thank You!

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