What we do..

ORH assists children in need from the surrounding village area of Pedagollapalem. Children are admitted to the home on a basis of need, irrespective of circumstances. ORH supports the children by providing a friendly and secure environment to grow up in.

Children are provided with food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education within a safe environment. 

ORH currently homes only 9 children and provides support to another five older children completing higher education studies.

The children are well adjusted to their environment, and for the most part all get along with each other. They enjoy singing (they are always eager to learn new songs), playing cards, drawing, volleyball, skipping, badminton and Indian games. On Sunday's the children enjoy spending the day at the local beach swimming and playing.

The younger children attend a local government school and live at the home full time.

The older children attend a college, where they stay during the semester to focus on studies, during semester breaks they return to live in ORH.

The ORH supports children until they are able to support themselves in life. Past children who have grown up at ORH have gone on to marry and start their own families and gain employment. Most past children of ORH live in the surrounding area and still keep in touch with the ORH.


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